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The Dancers - An early web animationHISTOIRE and ORIGINS
This year's portfolio is in our Commercial section - just history on this page!


A long time ago (in 'web' years), when we thought we knew it all, we started one of Europe's first web design companies. Based in a Recording Studio, we had a unique environment in which to develop our trade. Many of the people we met there shared our obsessional 'madness' at the time, and encouraged us to keep going. Many times we wondered if the web was really going to take off...

Before that, during the late 1980's, we were playing around with BBS's, FIDOnet etc on painfully slow connections. The idea of communicating with people on a global basis was fascinating and addictive. One day at the end of 1991, using the university network, we "gopher-ed" a test page from CERN telling us to go and find a BETA of something called a web browser. Then the fun began..

Working with Atari's, we began to explore the emerging new media... then came CompuServe to the UK. Then the Internet was opened up to the public, then came the web revolution.

Quite unlike, but similar to many other media, the web has been defined as many things.

The web is neither Print nor Multimedia. It is not a magazine or a newspaper. It is not Radio or TV. Something so new has to battle to be recognised. In an attempt to create a mental base in the minds of people, the term "New Media" has spread into common language.

We've moved about quite a bit since then.. in an attempt to retain what was fun about the early years, without becoming overly commercial. We have certainly improved since the beginning, but we develop and learn new techniques and skills every day. We are still obsessed with the web, with graphics, with design...

You don't really want to see our very early stuff.. The more memorable 'historic' sites below... They are still on-line, but very out of date, so we haven't included all the links.


The Original Acid Egg




1995 -97




The Ultimate London Club

1995 - 1998


See the original 1996 site here..


Legalise Cannabis Campaign -
Dr. Stuart Young

You can see the untouched original from 1996 by clicking here



Thanks to John, Kate, Robyn and Robin & Joe at the Finiflex Studios ~ Mr Egg, Layanegg, Sophie Apple & Charlie James ~ Nick ~ Eamonn from Megadog.

Thanks to Gus for being the first person to tell us about Ray Tracing and for getting us those all important early contracts!

Also thanks to Forrest Duncan, Scotland's first ever ISP, for taking that decision all those years ago to rent server space to us!


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