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We offer some of the finest web development and design around, but because of our pioneering® business™ approach* we don't have to charge the high rates you'll usually see in the UK or US.

That doesn't mean to say we cut corners, every site we design and build is unique, tailor made and digitally crafted specifically for that client. We believe in differentiation - we want our clients to go out on the Internet stage better dressed than their competitors and with all the knowledge they will need to tackle new on-line markets. We want them to command their part of the Internet as they have their terrestrial markets.

We can take your on-line business from Web Virgin to Internet Professional in as little as 5 weeks. We can give you publishing systems, on-line magazines, databases, shopping sites, secure servers, e-commerce, m-commerce, WAP and a new corporate image to go with your newly acquired Internet confidence.

This is better than buying a pair of new shoes.

We also offer 24 hour, 7 day technical support for the life of your site, server management so you don't have to get your hands dirty, hosting, domain registration, e-mail, FTP access.. all the things you need to make your on-line life easy, controllable and profitable.

Have a look through some of the sites below, then contact us with any questions using the form below. If you have a brief already in mind, ask us to submit a proposal to you.


*For more details on our PBA, simply click here to contact us and we'll be glad to explain.

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Christopher Wray Lighting

Greene King

Project Telecom

And many others long since passed into Web and Multimedia History.

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